Instructor-led training

In addition to this online training resource, XMPie offers several training courses delivered by qualified instructors via live web conference, or face-to-face in your premises. When your training needs are very specific, one of our trainers can also create a training program specifically tailored to meet your needs.

Web conference courses

  • uDirect Classic Training (1 x 3 hour session)
  • uDirect Studio Training (2 x 3 hour sessions)
  • PersonalEffect Hosted e-Media Training (4 x 3 hour sessions)
  • uDirect Video Training (1 x 3 hour session)
  • On-site courses

  • PersonalEffect VDP Training (2.5 Days onsite)
  • PersonalEffect TransMedia Training (4 Days onsite)
  • PersonalEffect Web-to-Print Training (4 Days onsite)
  • PersonalEffect Suite Introduction Training (5 Days onsite)
  • The duration of the above courses is the recommended time to cover the training material. The actual amount of training time delivered may be adjusted depending on the amount of training time purchased by your company.

    Custom courses

    Custom training is available from introductory to advanced levels and can even be used to fast-track your first campaign or store setup.

    Typically, API programming and custom application development are taught via custom training so we can focus on the specific programming language and project you have in mind.

    The lead time needed for custom training is a little longer while we prepare the Statement of Works, agenda, and materials needed.

    More information

    For more information about instructor-led training, please contact your XMPie or Xerox reseller or sales representative.