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Circle Training Videos

Circle Training Videos

This series of training videos will step you through the process of planning, building and reviewing projects in Circle, as well as all the XMPie products and tools necessary to create a full cross media campaign.

Aims and Objectives
After completing this training series, participants should be able to:
• Plan cross media campaigns and collaborate with cusotmers in Circle,
• Build print, email and web Touchpoints on your local uProduce server through the Circle user interface, and • Link Marketing Console reports to Touchpoints in Circle.

• PersonalEffect TransMedia or TransMedia Pro version 9 or later,
• Circle Administrator Account,
• Adobe InDesign and Dreamweaver CC-2014 or later, and • basic understanding of multi-channel marketing concepts.

Recommended XMPie version
Circle v4 and later

XMPie uPlan Training

XMPie uPlan Training

This e-Learning course focuses on uPlan - the XMPie application for creating the campaign logic or business rules.

Designed for technical staff (data base administrator, programmer, etc) uPlan is a key part of the XMPie tool set to learn and understand. This course aims to help fast track that learning process.

Aims and Objectives
After completing this training series, participants should be able to:
• create new plan files using one of the built-in plan wizards
• add, modify or edit ADORs (content objects) and variables
• explain the different ADOR types and what they are used for
• understand the way the plan file is used as an intermediary between data and document production
• create plan filters
• create custom functions that extend the uPlan functionality
• understand the logic and control operators available in uPlan
• provide designers with plans and proofsets to achieve campaign goals
• create graphic ADORs for a variety of barcode formats
• create graphic ADORs that call uImage for image personalization
• and much more!

This series of videos assumes basic knowledge of databases, logic, scripting and programming techniques, as well as an understanding of the basic concepts behind marketing campaigns.

Recommended XMPie version
v8 and later

XMPie StoreFlow Training

XMPie StoreFlow Training

StoreFlow is a powerful solution for creating eCommerce stores, or online portals for ordering print and other products. This e-Learning course is a series of online videos designed to help you get started with StoreFlow (including uStore and FreeFlow Core) and introduce the basics needed to get your stores setup quickly and easily.

Aims and Objectives
Each video in this e-Learning course focusses on demonstrating and explaining a specific StoreFlow topic and is designed so you can skip to the topic you want. The course is broken into the following sections:
• Introduction/Welcome
• The customer experience
• Initial uStore admin settings
• Making changes to your stores
• Managing users and groups
• Creating and editing product groups
• Adding static products
• Creating and managing product Profiles
• Adding upload/composite products
• Creating Dynamic product templates
• Adding Dynamic products
• Creating and adding uEdit products
• Managing orders and reports

A subscription to StoreFlow Cloud Edition, or purchase of PersonalEffect StoreFlow or StoreFlow Pro.

Recommended XMPie version
uStore v8.2; uCreate Print v7.2