Bridging print with digital media - an introduction to PE8

[Date: 03 Dec 2015] [Product(s): Circle, TransMedia] [Product Version: v8] [Views: 103]

This is a recording of a webinar by Ayelet Szabo-Melamed, Product Marketing Manger at XMPie.
• Ayelet introduces the XMPie vision: to empower 1:1 communications by integrating print with digital messaging,
• explains why this mission is critical for today's marketing professionals, and
• shows how PersonalEffect v8's revolutionary new 2G Cross Media technology opens new frontiers for web developers to create modern, responsive websites with engaging personalization.

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How to Use Print and Mobile to Jumpstart your Multichannel Campaign

[Date: 01 Oct 2015] [Product(s): TransMedia] [Product Version: n/a] [Views: 25]

• Peter Lancaster, CEO, documobiFUSE, and
• Enda Kavanagh, AP Sales Manager, XMPie

Find out how any print piece can come alive with mobile interaction between brand and customer. Learn how to get more from your multichannel campaign with XMPie. Peter Lancaster will present Documobi FUSE software which, integrated with XMPie, can transform all printed items to improve the customer experience with exciting engagement, relevant content, context and response mechanisms.

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Achieving high speed - high volume VDP with XMPie

[Date: 09 Feb 2015] [Product(s): uChart, TransMedia, uDirect/uCreate] [Product Version: n/a] [Views: 120]

Find out how to be best prepared for efficiently delivering high volume, high speed personalized print jobs and hear how others have done it!

Scott Bramley, Director, TCW Solutions
Zvika Leybovich, Manager, 1:1 Media technologies, XMPie
Ayelet Szabo-Melamed, Product Marketing Manager, XMPie

Scott discusses one of TCW Solutions' most successful campaigns which delivered pension plan statements, including dynamic charts and graphs, to the employees of a major UK insurance company.

Zvika shares InDesign tips on how to optimize documents to achieve ultra-fast composition speeds, without compromising on creativity!

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Introducing XMPie uStore Chili Publisher Integration

[Date: 20 Nov 2014] [Product(s): StoreFlow/uStore] [Product Version: 8.1 and later] [Views: 97]

• Kevin Goeminne, CEO CHILI Publish
• John Arnsdorf, Product Marketing Manager, XMPie

Kevin demonstrates the flexibility of the CHILI Publish solution for creating various document types - including innovative 3D packaging previews.
John demonstrates some standard uStore functionality, and then shows how the XMPie Chili Integration works to include Chili products in uStore.

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A Roadmap to Success with Cross Media

[Date: 23 Apr 2013] [Product(s): Circle, TransMedia] [Product Version: n/a] [Views: 132]

• Jeroen van Druenen, Director, Jubels
• Guy Lomas, Head of Communications and PR, XMPie
• John Arnsdorf, Product Marketing Manager, XMPie

Topics discussed include:
• Jubels / Partou Customer Story
• Using maps in cross-media campaigns
• Creating dynamic, engaging cross-media campaigns
• Circle – what it is and how it works

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Why Personal Videos are the Next Generation in Cross Media

[Date: 15 Jan 2012] [Product(s): uMerge Video/XVS] [Product Version: v1] [Views: 38]

This is a recording of a webinar jointly sponsored by WhatTheyThink, PODi and XMPie. Commentators include:
• Dave Erlandson, General Manager, Caslon & Co
• Ben Dyon, CEO, DME Studios, and
• Larry Zusman, Worldwide Marketing Manager, XMPie

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