uStore NG Theme Development Webinar

[Date: 19 Jun 2019] [Product(s): StoreFlow/uStore] [Product Version: v10] [Views: 17]

In this technical webinar, Guy Schreiber, Director of Product Management, and Einav Cohen, Front End Team Leader, will teach you how to use uStore version 10's new Theme Editor and, how to develop totally new store themes using React JS.

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Flexibility with 2G campaigns - how to pre-process the customer journey

[Date: 07 Mar 2018] [Product(s): Circle, TransMedia] [Product Version: v9.1 and later] [Views: 6]

In this tutorial webinar, David Baldaro, Product Marketing Manager for XMPie, will show you how you can further use the XMPL libraries in 2G and pre-process visitors into a campaign. You'll learn:
• How to selectively adjust what the visitor views based on an ADOR value upon entering a 2G campaign.
○ To provide a multi-language or multi-branded experience
○ To provide simple redirection based on the users previous interactions
• How to automatically and easily add a recipient into a campaign database before presenting them with their personalized campaign.

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Be Smart with Circle: How to reuse campaigns as templates

[Date: 27 Dec 2017] [Product(s): Circle, TransMedia] [Product Version: v9 and later] [Views: 13]

In this tutorial webinar, Batyah Rubin, Product Manager for Circle, will teach you how to use XMPie Circle cmampaigns over and over from a one-time template. You'll learn:
• How to use Parameterized Scheduling - the smarter way to schedule
• How to create and work with a Project Template in Circle - invest once; resell over and over
• To work with Campaign-on-Demand which lets you offer your customers off-the-shelf multichannel campaigns.

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Use Circle with uStore: Improving ROI by following up abandoned shopping carts

[Date: 27 Sep 2017] [Product(s): TransMedia, StoreFlow/uStore] [Product Version: v9 and later] [Views: 19]

In this tutorial webinar, Guy Schreiber, Product Manager for uStore, will teach you how to use XMPie Circle to nudge customers that have not submitted an order to fully complete the buying process:
• Use uStore‚Äôs own database as a data source for personalized emails
• Create a plan filter that will select owners of abandoned carts in your store
• Send an email reminder with a coupon as an incentive
• Automate the emails to be sent daily

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How to customize and automate your web to print fulfillment workflows

[Date: 26 Jun 2017] [Product(s): StoreFlow/uStore] [Product Version: v8.6 and later] [Views: 45]

In episode 1 of the XMPie User Group uKnow sessions, Guy Schreiber, Product Manager for uStore, shows how to work with uStore triggers and create custom queues. Learn how to:
• Send a job automatically to composition, and
• Create a new queue with an automated workflow to allow for quality control

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Open XM Training Webinar

[Date: 17 Mar 2016] [Product(s): Circle, TransMedia] [Product Version: v8 and later] [Views: 78]

XMPie's Open XM technology has significantly broadened the reach and capabilities of cross media campaigns. Join:
• Judy Berlin, VP of Marketing, and
• Yaron Tomer, Director of Planning and Product Management
to learn how easy it is to leverage this new technology introduced in PersonalEffect version 8.

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XMPie uStore integration with Optimus Dash MIS

[Date: 05 Feb 2016] [Product(s): StoreFlow/uStore] [Product Version: v8.3 uStore] [Views: 40]

• Phil Gaskin, Business Development Channel Manager, XMPie
• Steve Richardson, Sales Director, Optimus
• Lisa Sage, Business Manager, Optimus

Phil presents the XMPie uStore web-to-print value proposition and Steve introduces the Optimus Dash Management Information System.
After introductory presentations, Lisa demonstrates the 4 integration points between uStore and Dash showing:
• Pricing in uStore coming from Dash - meaning one central point for all price calculations
• Automatic entry of online uStore orders into the Dash MIS
• Synchronization of warehouse stock levels in both systems
• Automatic update of order status in the storefront based on MIS job status.

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