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Variable Data Print
Variable data print

Training materials for Variable Data Print include tutorials and video modules for uDirect and uCreate Print. Also, information about barcodes, datasources, and other things VDP.

Web-to-print and marketing portals
Web-to-print and marketing portals

Creating a web-to-print e-Commerce experience, or a marketing document portal with XMPie StoreFlow? Here is the place to start! Learn about setting up stores and products.

Cross media campaigns and automation
Cross media campaigns and automation

This is the spot for learning about cross media or multi-channel marketing with Circle and XMPie TransMedia. Campaign automation and integration are also discussed.

XMPie core technologies
XMPie core technologies

Looking for a general overview of XMPie products? Here it is. Also learn about core XMPie concepts including uPlan and uImage that are used across all XMPie product lines.

What's new?
  • JUN 8 - Watch how native InDesign features like GREP Styles can add power to your VDP templates.
  • MAY 12 - The StoreFlow PDF Tutorial is now updated for v13.4.
  • MAR 5 - Learn how to use the XMPL REST API to update XM Campaign recipient data using Postman.
  • FEB 8 - Learn how to create a cross media birthday campaign for your customers.
  • JAN 24 - What's new in uStore v13.2?
  • JAN 22 - Advanced tricks: How to add a chat service to your uStore NG Theme.
  • JAN 20 - Advanced tricks: How to create a uStore dynamic product with a color picker to change colors in the document.
  • JAN 15 - When and how should you upgrade your custom uStore NG Themes?
  • NOV 1 - See how to use the new Mass SMS Touchpoint introduced in Circle v8.
  • OCT 18 - What's new in uStore v13.1?
  • AUG 17 - Check out the new single page order flow for static products in uStore v13.