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Course Information

This series of training videos will step you through the process of planning, building and reviewing projects in Circle, as well as all the XMPie products and tools necessary to create a full cross media campaign.
After completing this training series, participants should be able to:
• Plan cross media campaigns and collaborate with cusotmers in Circle,
• Build print, email and web Touchpoints on your local uProduce server through the Circle user interface, and • Link Marketing Console reports to Touchpoints in Circle.
• PersonalEffect TransMedia or TransMedia Pro version 9 or later,
• Circle Administrator Account,
• Adobe InDesign and Dreamweaver CC-2014 or later, and • basic understanding of multi-channel marketing concepts.
Recommended XMPie Version

Circle v4 and later

Resource files for this course

Creating personalized web pages
Campaign Setup

Video Information

Circle Training Videos
Duplicating a Circle project
2m 49s
This video has been watched 215 times.
This module demonstrates the different options available when duplicating a Circle Project or Template.

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Course outline

What's new?
  What's new in Circle v8.9 and 9.0? 3m 20s
  Circle Web Analytics 7m 42s
  What's new in Circle (1st half of 2021) 4m 56s
  What's new in Circle v8? 5m 1s
  Circle overview 4m 46s
Basic operations
  The Plan Tab 8m 57s
  The Review Tab 6m 32s
  Circle Templates and Instances 5m 50s
  Circle Parameterized Scheduling 3m 33s
  Duplicating a Circle project 2m 49s
Email project example
  Creating a new campaign in Circle 2m 57s
  Connecting a Circle project to uProduce 3m 26s
  Using Circle Easy Start 7m 47s
  Creating the email in Circle 8m 17s
  Circle Analytics - Email Reports 5m 9s
Multi-channel project example
  Creating a new campaign in Circle 2m 57s
  Collaborating with customers and colleagues 2m 56s
  Connecting a Circle project to uProduce 3m 26s
  Using upload a plan file 3m 2s
  Setting sample recipients 3m 1s
  Creating the website in Circle 2m 3s
  Creating personalized web pages 7m 37s
  Updating recipient data 4m 31s
  Setting up the Friendly URL 5m 18s
  Creating the email in Circle 8m 17s
  Setting up triggered emails 5m 55s
  Personalized SMS 5m 18s
  Connecting InDesign to Circle with uCreate Print 4m 28s
  Using the Run Center 2m 13s
  Adding Marketing Console reports 2m
  Circle Analytics - Email Reports 5m 9s
  Circle Web Analytics 7m 42s
  Recipient list filters 2m 36s
  Scheduling and automation 2m 55s
Advanced topics
  Social media tags 6m 30s
  Setting up PDF on demand 3m 37s
  Branding the PDF on Demand pages 3m 23s
  Form validation 9m 16s
  User authentication 12m 52s
  Customizing the email unsubscribe page 5m 40s
Campaigns on Demand
  Campaigns on Demand Introduction 8m 10s
  Campaign Setup 17m 38s
  uStore Setup 11m 21s
  Order handling 3m 22s
  Predefined Recipient list control 3m 29s
Circle APIs
  Introduction to Circle APIs 1m 53s
  Sample 1 - Turning on/off Circle automation 6m 20s
  Sample 2 - Getting a Touchpoint preview 6m 27s
External Touchpoints
  External Touchpoints Introduction 2m 33s
  Creating an External Touchpoint 6m 10s
  Triggering an External Touchpoint 2m 47s