Looking for a general overview of XMPie products? Here it is. Also learn about core XMPie concepts including uPlan and uImage that are used across all XMPie product lines.

XMPie uPlan Training

This e-Learning course focuses on uPlan - the XMPie application for creating the campaign logic or business rules.

Designed for technical staff (data base administrator, programmer, etc) uPlan is a key part of the XMPie tool set to learn and understand. This course aims to help fast track that learning process.

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The XMPie Advantage

Every day consumers are bombarded with more than 3000 marketing messages. How can your business ensure that your message cuts through the clutter? Find out in the XMPie Advantage...

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uImage Optimization Techniques

When creating images for hundreds of recipients, every second counts. This video introduces optimization techniques that can save you time with uImage.

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Creating uImage Picture Fonts (also called Image Fonts)

With uImage and Photoshop it is very easy to create font-based image personalization. This video explains how to create even more advanced effects by using images of each letter to create a custom font.

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