uCreate Print Training (v11.3, 11.4 and 12.0)

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Course Information


This e-Learning course is designed to introduce the XMPie uCreate Print application which is part of the uDirect and PersonalEffect packages. The course covers everything from installation through to advanced features and includes several tutorial modules with examples for you to download and use.

Note: This course is for uCreate Print versions 11.3, 11.4 and 12.0. There are separate courses for earlier and later versions.


To introduce and provide comprehensive training on the uCreate Print product which is key to many of XMPie's product lines.


• An Adobe InDesign CC2022 or later.
• uCreate Print v11.3, 11.4, or 12.0.

Recommended XMPie Version

v11.3 and later

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Video Information

uCreate Print Training (v11.3, 11.4 and 12.0)
6m 49s
Recommended XMPie Version
v11.3 and later

In this tutorial module we download the resource files, understand the customer brief, check the data, gather the resources and assets, and start to plan the content objects for our first VDP template.


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Course outline

  uCreate Print Installation 4m 26s
Project planning
  TUTORIAL-1-Project-planning 6m 49s
uCreate Print Basics
  Getting started 3m 11s
  Connecting to data sources 4m 30s
  Data tips and tricks 5m 56s
  Text content objects 7m 41s
  Graphic content objects 9m 10s
  Working with PDF Graphic Assets 8m 38s
  Creating VDP Output 5m 9s
  TUTORIAL 2 - Basic VDP Job 8m 54s
  Using the Rule Editor 6m 42s
  Variables 4m 9s
  TUTORIAL 3 - Using rules and logic 6m 28s
uCreate Print Intermediate
  Visibility Content objects 6m 2s
  Table Content objects 5m 22s
  Tables with multiple row styles (pt 1) 6m 31s
  Tables with multiple row styles (pt 2) 6m 56s
  Style Content objects 6m 6s
  Text File Content objects 5m 25s
  Barcodes in uCreate Print 6m 22s
  TUTORIAL 5 - Barcodes 4m 1s
  Dynamic media selection 5m 43s
  Re-linking to a different data source 3m 0s
Working with uImage
  TUTORIAL 6 - Creating font-based uImage effects 6m 42s
  Using Photoshop actions with uImage 2m 2s
  Using multiple text layers in uImage 2m 55s
  TUTORIAL 7 - Creating image-font effects 5m 35s
  TUTORIAL 8 - Using a uImage package in uCreate Print 2m 59s
Working with uChart
  TUTORIAL 9 - Working with uChart 6m 21s
Note: There are separate courses for uCreate Print v11.2 and earlier and for uCreate Print v12.1 and later.