Creating a web-to-print e-Commerce experience, or a marketing document portal with XMPie StoreFlow? Here is the place to start! Learn about setting up stores and products.

StoreFlow Tutorial (Piece of Cake)

This XMPie StoreFlow Tutorial, is designed to introduce the main store workflows to help get new customers up and running quickly. The course covers: Creating new online stores, adding static and dynamic products to the stores, managing online orders, and generating reports.

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XMPie StoreFlow Training

StoreFlow is a powerful solution for creating eCommerce stores, or online portals for ordering print and other products. This e-Learning course is a series of online videos designed to help you get started with StoreFlow (including uStore and FreeFlow Core) and introduce the basics needed to get your stores setup quickly and easily.

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FreeFlow Core Overview

This Xerox e-Learning course introduces the basic features and user interface of FreeFlow Core.

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FreeFlow Core Tutorial

Learn step-by-step how to automate your prepress workflow tasks to save time and increase profits with StoreFlow. Tedious manual prepress tasks and sophisticated job routing can be applied automatically to jobs submitted your web-to-print store.

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Campaigns on Demand

This e-Learning course introduces the concept of Campaign Templates and Instances in Circle v4 and later; and how to add a Circle Template into uStore so that customers can select, customize and order a full cross media campaign.

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A uStore poster with style!

In this series of tutorial videos, XMPie trainer Deb Haines steps you through the process of creating a colorful yin yang poster for uStore by using Style ADORs to change object and character styles in the InDesign document.

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uStore AppNotes

uStore AppNotes and examples that demonstrate how to do some advanced tasks and customizations in uStore.

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Why use Variables for uStore Customization

When using uStore customization, ADOR logic can be removed. This video shows how to use uPlan Variables so you can still use uPlan logic.

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Composite and upload product types

This series of video tutorials shows how to create upload and composite products in uStore v7.1 and later versions, including how to create and modify the document builder preview campaign.

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