What's new in PersonalEffect v11.2

[Date: 14 Apr 2022] [Products(s): TransMedia, uDirect , What's New?] [Product Version: v11.2 and later] [Views: 100]

This video tutorial highlights new features and improvements introduced in PersonalEffect version 11.2 and shows where to find more detailed information on several of the new features.

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What's new in uStore v15?

[Date: 08 Mar 2022] [Products(s): StoreFlow, What's New?] [Product Version: v15] [Views: 161]

This video describes new features introduced in uStore version 15 including new the product properties table in the Excel Pricing Template; Order Comments feature and a change in the way uStore updates are installed.

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Cross Media Tutorial (Round World Travel)

[Date: 01 Dec 2021] [Products(s): TransMedia, uDirect , uImage, Circle, uPlan] [Product Version: v11 and later] [Views: 277]

A step-by-step tutorial for creating a campaign with print, web, and email. Updated with new features in v11 PersonalEffect.

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What's new in Circle v8.9 and 9.0?

[Date: 25 Oct 2021] [Products(s): Circle] [Product Version: v8.9 and later] [Views: 41]

This video introduces the new Analyze Tab introduced to Circle in version 8.9 in October 2021 and the Key Peformance Indicator charts introduced in v9.0 a month later.

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Royal Mail MailMark barcodes for VDP and W2P

[Date: 21 Sep 2021] [Products(s): uDirect , Print VDP, StoreFlow] [Product Version: v10.1 and later] [Views: 10]

XMPie Business Development Manager, Phil Gaskin, demonstrates how to use XMPie uCreate Print to add a Royal Mail MailMark Barcode to a direct mail piece for basic VDP, and then extends the example showing how the document can be a template in a web-to-print storefront.

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What's new in uStore v14?

[Date: 15 Sep 2021] [Products(s): StoreFlow, What's New?] [Product Version: v14] [Views: 303]

This video introduces the new features released in uStore version 14.

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What's new in Circle (1st half of 2021)

[Date: 14 Jul 2021] [Products(s): Circle] [Product Version: v8.3 to v8.7] [Views: 26]

This video introduces new features of Circle versions released in the first half of 2021.

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