FreeFlow Core Tutorial

[Date: 24 Aug 2018] [Products(s): StoreFlow] [Product Version: v5 and later] [Views: 428]

Learn step-by-step how to automate your prepress workflow tasks to save time and increase profits with StoreFlow. Tedious manual prepress tasks and sophisticated job routing can be applied automatically to jobs submitted your web-to-print store.

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A uStore poster with style!

[Date: 17 Aug 2018] [Products(s): StoreFlow] [Product Version: v9.3 or later] [Views: 188]

In this series of tutorial videos, XMPie trainer Deb Haines steps you through the process of creating a colorful yin yang poster for uStore by using Style ADORs to change object and character styles in the InDesign document.

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Circle v4.3 - What's new?

[Date: 16 Jan 2018] [Products(s): Circle, What's New?] [Product Version: v4.3] [Views: 150]

This video introduces new features of Circle v4.3 including Duplicate Project; and a new improved Email Editor.

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Reasons to consider PersonalEffect Print Pro

[Date: 03 Apr 2017] [Products(s): Print VDP, TransMedia, StoreFlow] [Product Version: v8.2 and later] [Views: 78]

This tutorial demonstrates key benefits for uDirect customers in upgrading to PersonalEffect Print Pro.

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Circle v4 - What's new?

[Date: 01 Apr 2017] [Products(s): Circle, What's New?] [Product Version: v4] [Views: 100]

This video introduces and new features of Circle v4

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What's new in uStore v8.6

[Date: 23 Jun 2016] [Products(s): StoreFlow, What's New?] [Product Version: v8.6 and later] [Views: 745]

This video introduces changes to product properties for Upload products. Version 8.6 enables you to set properties that affect pricing based on pages or sheets. This enables more effective pricing of properties when customers swap between single- and double-sided printing.

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What's new in uStore 8.4.1

[Date: 06 Apr 2016] [Products(s): StoreFlow, What's New?] [Product Version: v8.4.1] [Views: 464]

This video introduces the new features and enhancements of uStore version 8.4.1.

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