uDirect Classic Tutorial (EDU)

[Date: 24 Dec 2014] [Products(s): uDirect , Print VDP] [Product Version: v7.1 (note screens may vary in later versions)] [Views: 3729]

In this step-by-step tutorial, you will learn the basics of VDP (variable data print) with XMPie uDirect by creating a postcard invitation to a university open day event.

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What's new in StoreFlow v8.1

[Date: 01 Sep 2014] [Products(s): StoreFlow, What's New?] [Product Version: v8.1] [Views: 297]

This video is a quick overview of new features added to StoreFlow v8.1.

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What's new in PersonalEffect v7

[Date: 01 Sep 2014] [Products(s): uDirect , TransMedia, What's New?] [Product Version: v7] [Views: 749]

This video is a quick overview of new features added to PersonalEffect v7.

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uStore AppNotes

[Date: 02 Jul 2014] [Products(s): StoreFlow] [Product Version: v6 and later] [Views: 472]

This Application Note shows how to create custom SQL reports in uStore Admin so they will appear as a drop-down in the Reports page of the uStore back office.

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FreeFlow Core Tutorial

[Date: 02 Mar 2014] [Products(s): StoreFlow] [Product Version: FreeFlow Core v3; uStore v8.x] [Views: 545]

Learn step-by-step how to automate your prepress workflow tasks to save time and increase profits with StoreFlow. Tedious manual prepress tasks and sophisticated job routing can be applied automatically to jobs submitted your web-to-print store.

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StoreFlow 8 Introduction

[Date: 13 Feb 2014] [Products(s): StoreFlow] [Product Version: v8] [Views: 79]

This video provides an overview of the new features included in the StoreFlow version 8 release.

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StoreFlow Tutorial (Piece of Cake) for v7.x

[Date: 14 Oct 2013] [Products(s): StoreFlow] [Product Version: v7.x] [Views: 131]

This XMPie StoreFlow Tutorial is designed to introduce the main store workflows to help get new customers up and running quickly. The course covers: Creating new online stores, adding static and dynamic products to the stores, managing online orders, and generating reports.

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