Training materials for Variable Data Print include tutorials and video modules for uDirect and uCreate Print. Also, information about barcodes, datasources, and other things VDP.

uCreate Print Training

This e-Learning course is designed to introduce the XMPie uCreate Print application which is part of the uDirect and PersonalEffect packages. The course covers everything from installation through to advanced features and includes several tutorial modules with examples for you to download and use.

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Design for VDP

In this series of videos, we look at tips and techniques to improve the design of your InDesign layouts to give the best possible performance when it comes time to process and print the template against large data sources.

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uDirect Studio Tutorial (Birthday Cake)

uDirect Studio Tutorial (Birthday Cake) v11.x In this tutorial, you will discover the basic uDirect, uImage and uChart features by creating a birthday promotion postcard for customers of a mobile phone company.

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uDirect Studio Tutorial (EDU)

In this tutorial, you will create a university open day invitation postcard including uImage for personalized Photoshop image.

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uDirect Classic Tutorial (StarComm)

Learn the basics of VDP with XMPie uDirect.

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uDirect Classic Tutorial (EDU)

In this step-by-step tutorial, you will learn the basics of VDP (variable data print) with XMPie uDirect by creating a postcard invitation to a university open day event.

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Royal Mail MailMark barcodes for VDP and W2P

XMPie Business Development Manager, Phil Gaskin, demonstrates how to use XMPie uCreate Print to add a Royal Mail MailMark Barcode to a direct mail piece for basic VDP, and then extends the example showing how the document can be a template in a web-to-print storefront.

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Creating the USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode

This tutorial demonstrates how to create the USPS Intelligent Mail barcode with uCreate Print / uDirect.

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XMPie Audiences Panel

uCreate Print and uPlan version 7.5 introduce a new feature called Audiences. This feature helps you to define segments or groups of audiences and use the audience to set ADOR or Content Object values.

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Working with Barcodes in uDirect

Learn what's new about barcodes in uDirect v6.2 and later!

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New Data Source Handling

XMPie introduced several new data source handling features in v6.2 PersonalEffect. This video presents the new features as a quick start for existing customers.

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Achieving high speed - high volume VDP with XMPie

Find out how to be best prepared for efficiently delivering high volume, high speed personalized print jobs and hear how others have done it!

Scott Bramley, Director, TCW Solutions
Zvika Leybovich, Manager, 1:1 Media technologies, XMPie
Ayelet Szabo-Melamed, Product Marketing Manager, XMPie

Scott discusses one of TCW Solutions' most successful campaigns which delivered pension plan statements, including dynamic charts and graphs, to the employees of a major UK insurance company.

Zvika shares InDesign tips on how to optimize documents to achieve ultra-fast composition speeds, without compromising on creativity!

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